About us

The CSMW Union is an independent trade union established on 26th May 2005 at Kakinada in India to safeguard the interest and well-being of seafarers and maritime workers. The Centre for Seafarers and Maritime Workers Union was formed by the group of local seafarers and maritime workers at Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh, India.

The main objective of this union is to organise and unite all seafarers and maritime workers for their better conditions of employment and to promote the social, economic, cultural, educational interests of its members.

CSMWU promotes good industrial relations between members and their employers. The primary role of CSMW U is to look after the members’ employment and working conditions through the terms and conditions of collective bargaining agreements negotiated on behalf of the members and signed with the shipping companies.

The Centre for Seafarers and Maritime Workers Union is affiliated to CITU and also a member of ISWAN, UK.